Company Vision and Purpose

At DBK Electrical, we place a strong emphasis on upholding our values of being family-oriented and delivering superior quality in our work. We are committed to ensuring that customer satisfaction is always at a high level, and we continuously strive to achieve this in all aspects of our business.


Superior quality



Why Choose Us

Our company provides a safe and reliable service that is available 24/7, offering guaranteed assurance and customer satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, consistently delivering the best service to our clients.

Safe And Reliable Service

24/7 Service with Assurance and satisfaction

The best in the industry serving for more than 10 years

Services We Offer

Electrical Maintenace

Whether it's adding a new plug or updating your DB board, we've got you covered. 

Solar Panel Installation

Switching to solar power with our panel installation makes the process easier.

Electric System

Enhance and perfect your electrical system with backup power


Solar Panels + Back-up Systems

We've installed solar panels and backup systems in place for when the power goes out during load shedding.

Maintenance and installations

From installing LED lights and plugs to wiring the entire house, we are capable of handling it all.

Anywhere in Cape Town

DBK Electricians are professionals trained to install, maintain, and repair your electrical systems.